Taking the pain out of conversations about coverage

Physicians hate it when prescription decisions are held up by payer coverage issues. Sometimes it’s a prior authorization. Other times the HCP believes a treatment is covered, only to hear from an angry patient who walked away from the pharmacy counter with sticker shock.

Access Next iPad

Here’s the problem

Can Patient X who belongs to Health Plan Y actually get Product Z as prescribed?

From a physician’s perspective, the answer isn’t always clear.

That’s access now.

And here’s the solution

A single platform housed right in Veeva, so sales reps can seamlessly pull up what they need. Accurate, up-to-date coverage data from payers, pharmacies, & employers. Whether it’s commercial insurance, Medicare, or Medicaid.

Coverage details for every account, region, and county. Data that’s specific to every physician’s practice. All in a streamlined, easy-to-use interface.

That’s Access Next.

The unique Access Next platform includes:

  • Customized brand messaging informed by provider insights
  • Coverage dashboards featuring only the health plans that matter to each HCP
  • Simplified pre-call planning with a built-in template library
  • Integration with existing sales systems (Veeva, Salesforce, native iPad applications)
  • Robust reporting tailored for marketing and sales
Access Next

“Access Next has made a big impact on how well the HCPs in my territory understand their patients' unique managed care coverage situations. It's been amazing to watch the open rates on my emails to HCPs go up and up; they actually open and respond to my emails now because of the improved, targeted content.”

—Regional Business Manager, mid-size pharmaceutical company

MM+M recognized Access Next’s innovation, design, and usability with a Silver award for Best Data Platform in 2023.

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